miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Bald Tattooed Daddy - Mark Orton

Some cocks are just so hot that you've got to have them – no matter what! Mark Orton looks a little intimidating with his bald head and body covered in tattooes. He looks like some mean and nasty biker that you wouldn't want to run into on a dark and rainy night. Or maybe you would. Can you imagine pulling into a rest stop late at night and there you find this bald tattoo daddy, leaning on his motorcycle, sucking on a cigarette? You walk over and say "Good evening," hoping you can bum a smoke. He just stares you straight in the eyes, grabs his bulge and growls, "Are you going to suck it or do I need to chain you to my bike and ram it down your throat?" Holy! I get shivers just thinking about it, and excuse me while I adjust the bone growing in my pants. The thoughts of kneeling and slobbering all over this super fat, uncut cock has gotten me pretty excited. I'm off to Butch Dixon to watch this British leather daddy pound out a load

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I Love My Nipples - Oliver

Hairy older man Oliver stopped by Butch Dixon right after a long day at the construction site. Oliver is a contractor who has to deal with both his clients and his workmen. He's had a hard day and he's aching to spew a load of frustration. But Butch Dixon insists he head back to his car and bring in his construction helmet. Oliver obliges and in no time at all he's buttoned his dress shirt, loosen his tie, and he's playing with his nipples. He unbuttons the rest of his shirt and reveals a tempting hairy chest and belly. And then, he fishes a deliciously fat, uncut cock out of his trousers. As he tweaks his nipples his cock starts to bounce and Oliver says, "I love my nipples." We love them, too, Oliver. You'll want to head over to Butch Dixon and get a better look at that fat cock head of Oliver's – it's a cock sucker's dream come true.

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Under Construction

When sexy, furry and ever-hungry bottom Jack Sullivan wanders into a construction site, he soon finds he's the one getting worked on by hot construction daddies Spike Daddy and Rob Lawrence. It's from our new scorching hot movie, Dad's Automotive, available at our store now!

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domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

The Boss Is Out

An aspiring porn star arrives to drop his application and ends up demonstrating his skills.

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When two hot older men get together, their passions run wild. After watching you'll know why these two hunk's sex drives have just shifted into overdrive!

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Ted and Chris

What's an amazing Italian stud gonna do without a hot and hairy top daddy to fuck him? Watch as top daddy Ted Hutchins take care of his boy Chris Denni. Chris finds his bliss with Ted inside of him. These stills are from the upcoming video "Real Couples 2". Chris and Ted are a real-life couple that have been together for two years.Only on HotOlderMale!!!

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Damon & Shane

Damon sneaks in and finds Shane sound asleep. He can't resist the urge and finds himself rubbing Shane's body. Shane wakes up and at first tries to stop the advance of an older man. Soon though he is enjoying a mature cock sucking and before he knows it, he has a thick older penis inside him.

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Uncle John

The first time I had Uncle John in my studio he was heading into a bodybuilding competition. Unfortunately for hairy man lovers, this meant that his body was shaved clean. It was great to see those muscles he worked so hard to make, but still, I prefer my men hairy. When Uncle John called me up a few weeks ago and let me know he was out of competition, I was thrilled. He hadn't touch a razor in over two months and I was excited to see how this bodybuilder looked with a layer of fur. And Uncle John didn't disappoint me, in fact, I think he looks hotter than ever. And I gave him a stern talk about shaving. He's got a beautifully solid body and I love how the layer of fur adds another level to this man's hot body. Uncle John grabs his uncut cock and starts stiffening it up for the camera. You're going to love watching this one! Head over to Butch Dixon and check out both of Uncle John's photo galleries and a hot video where he plays a copper doing a strip search!

Michael Von Steel and Calix Milan

At 6' most people wouldn't consider me short. Standing in-between Michael Von Steel and Calix Milan I certainly feel that way. These two studs are sequoias! After introducing them I step aside to watch but within minutes Michael asks for some assistance blowing Calix. How could I say "no" to that offer? I start to go about 'helping' Michael when Calix demands I remove my shorts. His words are still hanging in the air and my drawers are already on the floor. I love my job! A 3-way suckfest ensues in which the guys make short work of me. Within just a few minutes I'm left with a handful of gooey cum so it's time for me to let the boys get back to business.
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Tim Kelly

We first worked with sexy muscle daddy Tim Kelly in Florida last fall. He was in a hot dad-on-dad scene with Nick Moretti in our latest Pantheon Bear release "Bears in Paradise". We liked his work so much, we brought him to San Francisco to be in two scenes in our new Real Men release "Brief Encounters". He did two hot scenes with younger guys, one with Tony Daniels, and one super hot shower scene with porn-star Matthew Rush. Check out Tim's pics and then go to our online store to get a copy of the new DVD.Only on HotOlderMale!

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

Josh Kole

This very well-endowed, hairy stud-daddy is a part of two hot scenes in two of our DVD features. First, he's in a steamy scene with young bottom stud, Adam Aakre, in "Frat Pack: Daddy Hunt Volume Six". Then in "Down to Business", our Real Men 16 release, he bottoms for porn star Matthew Ford. Check out Josh's pics here and get a copy of the DVDs... This hairy daddy is sure to get you going.

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domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Sebastian & Joel's Resources

Joel is having some technical problems with his laptop, and he needs it fixed quickly! Unfortunately, Sebastian's quote is far more than what Joel can afford to pay ... but I'm sure they can work out some sort of side deal!

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